In the game of poker, the main objective is to win the pot. This pot contains the bets placed by the various players throughout the hand. Poker players make their bets in hopes of getting the best possible hand or to convince their opponents to fold. Winning money and avoiding losing money are just as important as knowing when to bet or fold. A winning hand is the highest combination of five cards. However, not all hands are equally good.

The highest possible hand in a poker game is called a “high hand.” This hand has two distinct pairs and a fifth card. In a tie, the highest pair or the highest card in one of the two pairs wins. A second pair and a pair, which are not pairs, are considered lower than a high pair or straight, respectively. The high card breaks ties. The high card is the winning card in poker. The high card is known as the ‘hoof’ card.

In a typical game of poker, one player gets the privilege of placing the first bet. This player is called the dealer and must offer the shuffled pack to the player before him. In a nutshell, the dealer has the final right to shuffle the deck. A player has the right to cut the dealer after the shuffled pack has been dealt. A player with the highest hand wins the pot. If he has two pair of cards, he or she is known as the ‘dealer’.