A slot is a narrow aperture or groove, especially in a surface. It may also refer to:

In gambling, a slot is an area on a betting table that is reserved for players. A slot machine is a gambling machine that displays multiple reels and pays out credits based on combinations of symbols. Modern slot machines are programmed to pay out winnings based on the probability of each symbol appearing. In order to maximize the chances of winning, it is important to understand how slots work and what factors influence their outcome.

Historically, slot machines were operated by pulling a lever or button. In modern video slots, the player inserts cash or, in the case of ticket-in, ticket-out machines, a barcoded paper ticket with a magnetic stripe to activate a set of mechanical reels. The reels then stop, and if the machine’s sensors detect a matching combination of symbols on a payline, the player wins credits based on the amount they bet before activating the machine.

A slot in hockey is the area of the ice where a center or winger has the best opportunity to score a goal with a wrist shot because of a clear view of the net. The slot is also the area that defenses must cover when a quarterback gives a pass to a wide receiver. In some cases, the slot receiver can create mismatches downfield by running deep routes that are difficult for defensive backs to cover.