Historically, casinos have relied on demographic information to drive their marketing decisions. They’ve focused on age, income and education to determine whether someone is a potential customer. But this approach can be misleading. Demographics only provide a snapshot of your audience, not their pain points, aspirations and motivations.

Gambling is a social experience, and the social atmosphere of a casino contributes to its success. Casinos work to manufacture a feeling of joy and excitement that encourages people to gamble and spend their money again and again. They accomplish this by creating a euphoric environment that includes dazzling lights, smells and sounds. The enchanting setting also draws in people who are not interested in gambling, but want to be part of the energy and excitement.

Casino combines real-life and virtual gaming options, dining, entertainment and more to create an immersive, exciting environment that appeals to all types of players. There are table games where skill and strategy are tested, slot machines that allow for a relaxed, low-risk approach to gambling, and a range of other options to try one’s luck in a variety of ways.

Casinos are often the perfect location for events and group business, and they can attract these customers with strategic messaging and targeting. For example, Cvent’s Competitive Market Ads can give your casino prominent exposure to event planners in your area and in sister markets, when they have the highest intent to follow through on their search.